Gone Home


Nothing is worse than having a mid-life crisis. Unless your mother passes away in Italy, your bum half-brother moves in and you inherit a retirement home, in Boca. Oh, and you can’t afford to pay your life coach.

“Gone Home” is a half an hour comedy – multi-camera, mockumentary. It’s the “Odd Couple” meets “Cocoon”. It is sweet and screwy and set in Boca. Which is, as we all know, another universe. It is a chance to see what the old can teach, how strange age makes us and why family, even the ones we can’t stand, is the most important thing.

Full Pilot Synopsis

Ben paces back and forth. He’s in a dusty parking lot, dark and kind of scary, to be honest, that lies by the 5 Freeway. He checks his surroundings nervously, rattled from metal noises and strange screams. Like someone-being-murdered screams. But Ben will not be deterred, for Ben is waiting for his meditation teacher to meet him! He shakes his head and scolds himself for the hundredth time for forgetting his mantra. And after the brief exchange of whispers with headlights blinding Ben heads over to his girlfriend. Things are looking up. They have sex. Things are looking up even more. Good sex. Well, what he considers good sex. He’s wrong. His girlfriend isn’t happy. His therapist isn’t happy as well and Ben, well, Ben, also isn’t happy. He knows what’s going on here, there’s no mistake – it’s a mid-life crisis. People have warned him and now he’s eying red convertibles and checking out large watches and 500k bicycle races all the while convincing himself that his new, green, distressed T-shirt must be the way to go. All of this is forgotten when his phone rings in the middle of the night and Ben is told his mother has just passed away on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Ben is heartbroken, despite the fact that his mom died happy in the arms of Gianluigi, the local stud. Steven is asleep, face up, his mouth open, he snores and dreams blissfully. A boom mic comes hovering from above and nuzzles his nose. Snickers come from a German documentary crew – off to the side. Steven flinches and wakes up squatting at the fuzzy mic. Then it hits him! He bolts out of bed, realizing today is street cleaning. He runs outside wearing nothing but boxers and fuck… he chases after a parking attendant, but he’s too late. When he turns around he finds the film crew, right there, documenting away. Fuming he returns home and slams the door. A second later he opens it and allows the crew to enter, he has no choice, it’s in his contract. Ben shows up later at Steven’s bearing the awful news. The half-brothers don’t talk much making things awkward when they hop on a flight to Florida where mom’s empire of retirement homes began. Well, it’s not Florida really, it’s Boca. The film crew is seated a row behind, recording everything. Ben, perplexed, asks Steven about his entourage and learns that Steven has signed a contract permitting the crew to follow him around. This is while he is job-hunting. He thought he would get money for it, he didn’t. They thought he would job hunt. They were wrong. The two land in Miami, Germans in tow and are greeted by the insane humidity and Shimon, the family lawyer. Everything Shimon does involves passion and intensity even when he forgets their luggage on the conveyer belt. Or informing the boys the following day that their mother was having ‘good, strong sex’ with Gianluigi in Italy. He also relays her dying wishes. 1. To be buried in Italy in a Catholic cemetery until Gianluigi can join her. 2. She wanted the half-brothers to become closer. And so, the two will receive the family fortune with one term: they have to run one of the retirement homes successfully for a year. Together. If they don’t Gianluigi will get everything. And one more final delicate blow comes from the Israeli lawyer – he is Ben’s biological father.