In Finis


At the end of human existence. At the end of it all… a light will shine

Two brothers long estranged, united for their father’s memorial in Jerusalem. Two brothers, who couldn’t be further apart; Nir returning from the decadence of New York City with his girlfriend, Maya, who’s excited to see the streets where Jesus once walked. Eli has turned to the Order of Light – a yeshiva set in the heart of the Old City of Jerusalem. These are the descendants of the Essenes, the ancient guardians of the Dead Sea Scrolls and protectors of a relic of the greatest magnitude – In Finis, the lost book of the bible. It is the stones that keep secrets, the spices that intoxicate senses, the past layered underneath in the pulsing city home to ancient religions. It is the same holy ground where Eli is found dead. Convinced his brother was murdered Nir goes into a cave set high in the hills of Jerusalem to find and uncover the book and wrestle the demons of his past.