Shesh Besh


The sun sets over the rooftops and domes of the old city of Jerusalem and offers relief from the sweltering heat of day. Professor Matthew Katz takes another sip from his gin and tonic, perched up on his balcony and prepares a backgammon board for his weekly meeting with his Armenian friend, Baghdik.

The following morning Professor Katz is found dead and Baghdik, still unaware of the murder, is offered a deal by a stranger – Ben. He’ll receive fifty thousand dollars to set up a meeting with a local mafia boss – Amram. Baghdik happily agrees. Ben offers to sell Amram a lost piece of an ancient relic – ‘the sacred deed of Jerusalem’. The deed gives ownership to the entire old city and, legend has it, was torn into four pieces. Three pieces survived through the ages distributed one to an Imam, one to a Rabbi, and one left in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher to maintain a status quo between the three-major religion. The fourth and final piece was lost. Until now. The news spreads like fire and out of the woodworks come the players: the Jewish underground with its radical leader Pebbles, a wealthy oil tycoon – Fishke, and even an aspiring terrorist Omar who travels everywhere with his cousins. Together with Jamus – Amram’s Arab counter-part in the mafia business, the entire old city will stop at nothing to get their hands on the missing piece of the deed and claim a stake to the holiest of cities.

The race is on and Baghdik reluctantly helps Ben through the four quarters of the old city, dodging Vladislav and Misha, two deadly assassins, henchmen, cousins and even Keves – the elite special ops police unit headed by Ganz – who’s plagued by irritable bowel syndrome. Baghdik brings Ben all the way to Rabbi Fleishman, an old friend of the Professor who helps them hide until he too is killed and Ben and Baghdik are forced to run again. Amram and Jamus kidnap Baghdik’s wife and convince him to turn Ben in exchange for her life. A final showdown is set in Ol’ Samir’s club where all the players will converge. When the dust settles from gunfire, RPG’s and fist-fights Baghdik will learn the truth about the stranger who has turned his world up-side-down.

Shesh Besh is an action/comedy stylized like a backgammon game, filled to the brim with diverse, colorful characters who make the old city of Jerusalem so magical. It is “Snatch” meets “Logan Lucky” set in the holiest city in the world.