The Thin Line


What would you give to go back to your past? Would you sacrifice your future? Through cross narratives, often layered one on top of the other, The Thin Line leaps in time and space between Tel-Aviv where a family of three once had a chance, and the vibrant hub of Los Angeles where there is still a fighting hope of possibility. Nikko Akur has been transported via the pipes of the witness protection program, to Los Angeles holding a hidden past while
figuring out a way to be reunited with his family. Julia, his wife, who dreamt of a meaningful life for her son, will go digging in her past to figure out how it all went wrong and to make sure her son never follows in his ‘dead’ father’s footsteps. Each one will attempt to shape their own destiny. But is the past something you can wash clean? Or does it shape your inevitable

Nikko Akur grew up shielded by his father in the slums of Holon on the outskirts of Tel – Aviv. He was raised to be different, shunning the drug-ridden neighborhood, and making it all the way to the elite Special Forces that gave him purpose and discipline. Along the way he met Julia and, with rebellious magnetism, swept her away from the order and predictability of her well-off family. Nikko joins the police force as an undercover cop and is
secretly involved in a series of sensationalist robberies. When three lives are claimed, he is asked to testify as a ‘criminal’ and ‘state turned informant’ to save the police force from disgrace. He is promised a new life, with his wife and son, and after the trial and a staged death, he is shipped away. But rather than picking up the pieces of a tumultuous marriage he is left alone with a warning; if he chooses to return his son and wife’s lives are in danger….

Julia, smart beyond her years, raised under the watchful eye of her father, was steered with determination to a calculated life of reason. Until she encountered Nikko. They were just two kids, who loved feverishly. There was a sense of danger to him, some edge that she found so sexy. Did Nathan inherit it? The Gene? With the help of Charlie, her best friend, Julia zips up a new persona and readily enters Amram’s den, the ruthless crime boss who
controls Tel-Aviv. Mother by day, gently nursing her son to heal his loss, Julia attempts to uncover the secrets of her husband’s past and hold her dark probing from the world around her.